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Car Set: Holly with  Amber Powder

Car Set: Holly with Amber Powder

SKU: 3.12729E+12

With this Holly Amber Powder Car Diffuser you can enjoy pleasant sensory moments when you are on the move. Allow yourself to be carried away by the gentle notes of cinnamon, the rich harmony of amber and the comforting sweet balms. The diffuser easily clips onto the air vent of your vehicle, offering intensity of just 2 out of 5 for a pleasant and balanced experience.


Amber Powder is a sensual home fragrance that will swathe your interior in a very warm atmosphere. Its scent of spices boosts the elegance of rose and then the voluptuous beauty of ambergris is highlighted by sandalwood and patchouli. A veil of white musks then envelops a base of balm and vanilla.

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