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Lamp Refill 500 ml: Air Pur So Neutral

Lamp Refill 500 ml: Air Pur So Neutral

SKU: 3.12729E+12

So Neutral saves you money  - maintaining the condition of your burner and prolonging its life by removing any residue of your previous fragrance before you introduce your new one. Use a small quantity between fragrances in exactly the same way as you would use a fragrance, or alone if you want to cleanse the air without adding fragrance - for someone who is feeling queezy or perhaps in the kitchen when you have been cooking fish or other strongly flavoured food. You can also mix it with any of the fragrances to soften their intensity.

Use this product between fragrances to cleanse your burner to prolong its life and simply to burn on its own to remove odours without fragrancing.


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